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If I Fell
Постоянная ссылка 22-07-2010 anydoby music The Beatles John Lennon, Paul McCartney

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If I fell in love with you  
Would you promise to be true  
 C#          Bm  
And help me understand  
'cause I've been in love before  
And I found that love was more  
 Em                A
Than just holding hands  
    D    Em  Fm#      Em(vii)
If I give my heart to you  
 A9(v)   A7
I must be sure  
        D  Em  Fm#
From the very start  
        Em       A               D Em A
That you would love me more than her  
If I trust in you oh please  
Don't run and hide  
If I love you too oh please  
Don't hurt my pride like her  
          D7                G  
'cause I couldn't stand the pain  
    Gm                       D           A7  
And I would be sad if our new love was in vain  
So I hope you see that I  
Would love to love you  
And that she will cry  
When she learns we are two  
    Gm                 D
If I fell in love with you  

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