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Reporting Apache Ignite cache metrics with Micrometer and Spring Boot
Permanent link 13-12-2018 anydoby java ignite spring

It's a boring topic, but when your application goes to the world you need to do something with metrics. Metrics are a nice thing; when you get a question like "how's your project doing?", and you can show Graphana dash and immediately tell how many requests per second, how much memory is left and how many users sit in your cache.

Apache Ignite can flush cache metrics to the console. But who needs it anyway? It's much more convenient when certain Prometheus scrapes this data for you and puts it in a nicely digested form to Graphana dashboard.

I wrote a simple Spring Boot actuator where this is achieved using Micrometer. Micrometer supports already a host of well known caches, however there's no support for Apache Ignite, unfortunately (yet). Have a look also at the unit test to see what you can expect and how to enable the feature.

The project source is located here

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